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Happy Summer!  With the "official" first day of summer a few days away and July 4th, just around the bend, VeeandCo proudly presents our newest Patriotic designs which can be seen below.  Enjoy!!!

VeeandCo now has an active FaceBook page.  Please feel free to stop by for a visit and chat with other stitchers.  VeeandCo FaceBook

Also feel free to visit VeeandCo's Blog  for adorable complimentary charts.

VeeandCo is now offering a new option in selling/buying designs.  You can now request a PDF file that is delivered directly to your email once your payment has been received and cleared. Simply specify in your email whether you prefer hard copies or a PDFs. 

All hard copy charts will be sent in black and white but can be requested in color for an additional $.50. This keeps the price down for both the designer and customer.   PDF charts are priced as noted with the individual designs.   Please honor copyright laws and do NOT share PDF files with friends.  Action has been and will be taken against all violators.

Don't forget and visit the new "Charts" forum.  Here you will find all the charts that are available for purchase.  Some chart packs will include CPR floss, beads and/or buttons.

To place orders, please email me, veeandco@icloud.com  Gift Certificates are also available for those "special stitchers" in your life.

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Lastly, please visit the "Gallery" and the "Name*Flakes" forums.  Here you will find many gorgeously stitched pieces and creative finishings of VeeandCo designs

Happy Stitching!


 NOTE---patterns can only be passed along and/or sold if they were purchased as hard copies.  Both b/w and colored patterns should be included as that is how I sell them.   If you purchased them as a PDF document, I ask that you don't sell and/or pass them on.


~*~JUNE, 2012~*~

~CUPS UP FOR AMERICA~  Raise your teacup, coffee cup and show your pride!  A wonderful red, white and blue Patriotic cup, brimming with bright flowers, accented with"Old Glory's" beating heart.  Design is perfectly bordered with "America".

 STITCH COUNT:    54  x 73

COST:  HARD COPY $6.75                                                 PDF BY REQUEST: $5.00

~LIBERTY GARDEN & STARS & STRIPES~ Both designs are included with this chartpack.

Liberty Garden:  
A beautiful patriotic garden awaits you!  3 large red flowers are surrounded by "wild" blue flowers, all sprouting up from a patriotic planter.

Stars & Stripes: 
A "quilt type" star motiff; blue and white"field" star, bordered by red stripes.

LIBERTY GARDEN:    57  X 51                         
STARS & STRIPES:    51  X 51

COST:  HARD COPY $7.00                                                 PDF BY REQUEST: $5.50

Model beautifully stitched by Joni M!!

~FIREWORKS AND HEART OF FREEDOM~  Both designs included in the chart pack.

Fireworks:  Beautiful "blue field" star, sectioned by red and white firecrackers, displaying red, white and blue "fireworks".

Heart of Freedom:  4 patriotic hearts, joined in the center, surrounded by red, white and blue motiffs!

FIREWORKS:    67 X 65                         

COST:  HARD COPY $7.00                                                 PDF BY REQUEST: $5.50

New paragraph

~~MARCH 2012~~

~DOGGY DOOR GREETER~  A whimsical design for the stitching dog owner!!  How many of you can relate to this???  My dear daughter-in-law sure can!!  This finished design can be hung on a door as greeter just for you! :)  Many thanks to Linda S for her wonderful stitching!!

STITCH COUNT:    55  x 92

COST:  HARD COPY $6.75                                                 PDF BY REQUEST: $5.00

~~BACK AWAY FROM THE FLOSS!!~~  Of course, Veeandco cannot forget about the stitching cat owners!!  If you have kitties, you KNOW how hard it is to keep them out of your stitching!  Practically IMPOSSIBLE!!  But we all agree, our lil kittie helpers are a joy...especially when they think they are stitching!!

STITCH COUNT:       93 X 61

HARD COPY: $6.50                                                  PDF UPON REQUEST: $5.00

~BACK AWAY FROM THE YARN!~  And for our stitchers who are also knitters/cat owners, a design just for you!!  It goes without saying, yarn and cats go hand-in-hand.  How many times have you entered a room, found your yarn wrapped around various pieces of furniture and your cat sitting proudly at her "artistic capabilities"?  There are times I feel like my kitties knit more than I do!!

STITCH COUNT:      93  x 61

COST:  HARD COPY:  $6.75                                      PDF UPON REQUEST: $5.00

~SEW BUSY~  These adorable mice are "sew busy, busy, busy" organizing their sewing room and showing off their needlework talents!!  8 lil sweet mice, busily sewing with threads, buttons, needle, and a scissor that is bigger than they are!!  This design is perfect for the cover of a needle book, small tuck pillow or wall hanging!!  Many thanks to JoAnn R for her beautiful stitching and exquisite needlebook finishing technique!!!  Simply GORGEOUS!

STITCH COUNT:    65  x 63

COST:  HARD COPY: $6.75                                              PDF BY REQUEST: $5.00

~THE GREATEST GIFT~  Never a saying was more true than this one for the precious Grandmothers in our lives!!   Whether you have a Grandmother or are a special Grandmother, this project will bring joyful tears and a big smile to all.   This exquisite design is edged with beautiful, brightly colored pansies, just picked by lil hands!!  Included with this design is a card size pattern, with the same saying, encircled with baby roses...perfect for a quick Mother's Day card/gift.

STITCH COUNT:        110  x 126

COST:  HARD COPY: $6.75                                              PDF BY REQUEST: $5.00

Free Chart included with purchase of "The Greatest Gift"

~SPRING BEAUTIES~  A pair of beautiful creatures to remind us Spring is almost here!  One chart contains 4 delicate butterflies flittering around simple but elegant flowers.  The companion chart contains 4  perfect lil buzzing bees.   These spring beauties models were stitched with Sulky Threads, chart includes DMC conversion.  You receive both patterns in this chart pack.  These designs have many finishing possibilities...needlebook covers, needle pillows, pillow tucks, flatfolds, the finishing ideas are endless!  Many thanks to my sister Sandi R for her gorgeous stitching!

STITCH COUNT:  Each design is 49  x 49

COST:  HARD COPY: $6.75                                              PDF BY REQUEST: $5.00

~I LOVE SPRING~    Spring is in the air!!  Flowers are blooming and their heavenly scent is enticing all to be outside and enjoy the beauty!   Peeking out from the just bloomed spring flowers, a little kitty along with his friends (butterflies and mice) are enjoying the day!!  Thanks to Linda S for yet another wonderful model!!

STITCH COUNT:      112  x 72

COST:  HARD COPY: $6.75                                              PDF BY REQUEST: $5.00

~IN YOUR EASTER BASKET~  The perfect Easter basket...contains a cute as can be baby bunny surround by beautifully decorated Easter eggs and just born baby chicks.  The perfect basket for a perfect day!!

STITCH COUNT:    60  x 52

COST:  HARD COPY: $6.75                                              PDF BY REQUEST: $5.00

~PASS IT ON!!~    If you are happy, Pass it On to the next person!!  Spring is in the air making everyone happy especially this Spring Rabbit!  He's sooooooooo happy, he's passing on a tulip to a wee lil robin!  This project was designed simply.... "to make you smile"!!

STITCH COUNT:    117 x 112

COST:  HARD COPY: $6.75                                              PDF BY REQUEST: $5.00

Something new and unique for those needle thread lovers. Are you tired of those tiny needle threaders that are hard to hold on to? Yes?  Well VeeandCo can help you!  Special designed needle threaders for ease in holding and threading. They are made from glass beads and strong nylon-coated wire.  They even thread my favorite #28 needles!!  When ordering please state which style you would like.

Cost:  $8.25

Email your order to
  virginia@veeandco.com .

Pay Pal payment preferred but will except personal checks/money orders.